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Infant care from 6 weeks to 18 months

1:4 teacher to child ratio

Intent is to provide the security, comfort and love necessary for positive growth and development.


Toddler care for 18 months to 3 yrs. of age

1:5 teacher to child ratio

Intent is to provide a firm foundation for intellectual, social and emotional growth. Our toddler program helps each child "learn to learn" by allowing them to discover for themselves the mechanics of everyday living. This progressive program is an individual process based on each child's accomplished abilities, interests, needs, maturity level & personality.


Care for 3 yr olds up to 4yrs of age.

1:7 teacher to child ratio

Intent is to provide concrete hands on experiences designed to reinforce and stimulate growth. We provide a safe & caring environment where children are actively engaged in meaningful experiences designed to foster independence and a desire to learn about the world around them.


Pre-K specializes in care for 4 and 5 year old children.

1:8 teacher to child ratio

We provide hands on learning experiences designed to prepare children for later learning. Specific areas of focus are math, science, literature and social development. Children are encouraged to attend the many field trips we offer at this age via chartered full size school buses.


Nursery school program is provided for 3 year old children

Instruction is provided by a certified teacher

3 year old Nursery school meets Mon, Wed, Fri from 9:00am - 11:30am

This program is hands on exploration based learning and provides children opportunities to prepare for Kindergarten. Social and emotional development are a focus with basic academic lessons.


Specialized programming for kindergarten age children

1:10 child to teacher ratio

This program helps to enhance and reinforce the skills learned in the public school system through developmentally appropriate-child initiated activities and projects. We offer care for both AM and PM kindergarten children, with busing provided by the local school district.

Universal PRE-K

Children 4yrs of age by December 1st of calender year are eligible. This program meets 5 mornings a week, 2.5 hrs/day.

Provide a safe and stimulating environment for children preparing for Kindergarten. This program supports the acquisition of skills presented in Kindergarten through games and hands on activities, having fun with friends, enhancing skill development, reading and outside play.


This group ranges from 6 yrs old to 12 years old

1:10 child to teacher ratio

Care is provided before and after school, as well as full day services for sch. holidays & vacation days. Computers, homework assistance, outdoor play and arts & craft activities are provided on a daily basis, as well as the numerous other choices available throughout the day.

Busing is provided by the local school districts, including late buses for after school activities.

Each summer, The Tot Spot offers an exciting summer camp experience for the months of July and August for all children.

Swimming lessons, weekly field trips, literature based learning and numerous speakers from such places as the Seneca Zoological Society, RMSC, Strong Museum, Wayne Historical Society, etc. are all part of our great summer experience.

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