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Why is Early Childhood Education Important?

A lifetime of success begins here...

Did you know that the capacity of the brain to absorb new learning peaks at age 3? Scientists have learned that a toddler's brain develops over one hundred trillion brain synapses. A brain synapses is the "wiring" between two brain cells that grasps new learning. The more the synapses, the more your brain will learn! It is during this time that the human brain has the highest potential for new learning in its lifetime. Recognizing shapes, drawing, singing and playing with toys are all examples of behaviors your child learns in the first few years of life

Some Benefits of high-quality preschool are as follows:

~ Enhanced cognitive, verbal and social development

~ Significantly higher IQ's

~ Enter school better prepared to learn

~ Demonstrate higher school achievement and better social adjustment

~ Less likely to repeat a grade

~ More likely to graduate from high school

Appropriate early childhood programs not only help your child's brain develop in a timely fashion, they also contribute to physical, emotional and social development. Clearly there are many long term benefits from early education programs.

"Did you know that

brain development

peaks at age 3?"

About us:

In 1989, both Wendy and I decided to open The Tot Spot child care centers. The lack of high quality child care in the area and the need in the community primarily drove our decision to open centers. Wendy had a tremendous background in teaching in many districts. I had a business/engineering background and worked as a project manager locally. Our backgrounds fit well with what we wished to accomplish.

Twenty-five years later, we currently have both the Macedon and Ontario child care centers serving over 200 children and about 125 families in both Wayne and Monroe counties. The Tot Spot Centers have been successful in employing about 40 local teachers and assistants that continually attend training to provide the very best of care for children.

Wendy: Masters degree in special education & Bachelors degree in psychology. NYS certified in elementary education and special education. Taught 10 years in the public school districts. Member of NAEYC and Winning Beginning NY, New York Works for Children Credentialed Trainer Level 3, Board Member for the Council of Child Care Administrators, CDA Professional Development Specialist. Published early childhood journalist and speaker

Mark: Bachelors degree in Physics, 12 years controls engineering and project management for local companies. Business background in several start up companies.

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